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We currently work with about 70 widows in Nigeria. Family law permits certain widowhood practices which discriminate against women married according to customary law. Widows of all ages in Nigeria endure extreme poverty, often evicted from their homes, deprived of their husband’s property and maltreated by his relative’s especially brother-in laws. Most have an average of 4/5 children of school age, and are unskilled home-makers who cannot generate an income to take care of their family.

We give adequate employment foundational skills/tools to get widows on the road to economic freedom.



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In 2010, the Nigerian president Jonathan Goodluck confirmed that 7.3m of the 17.5m children in Nigeria are orphans.

There is an increase of children roaming the streets, child trafficking and children exposed to child labor in Nigeria. Stringent adoption laws and policies makes it difficult to place orphans in families that are willing to adopt them.

Lifeaid takes care of 49 children in Nigeria. We award scholarships to gifted children at every level of their education.